The Wall Street Journal calls it "The future of money."

This is "One of the Most Significant Investment Opportunities" of the Last 30 Years and AVRN Could Hand You the Biggest Profits Now!

  • "The hottest investment trend since the Internet"- MarketWatch

  • "We're still in the very early innings." - Pamir Gelenbe, partner at Hummingbird Ventures

  • "One of the most significant investment opportunities of the past 30 years." - Jim Breyer, Accel Partners

They're talking about the Bitcoin industry and
its potential to make investors rich now.

AVRN is trading at less than $1.00, but it could soon explode, potentially shooting to $3.50...and much, much higher longer-term!

Get in now for the biggest profits!

Right now you're looking at one of the best investing opportunities of your life. A way you could potentially double your money...or even pocket ten or more times your investment longer term. That's being conservative, and you'll discover why in a moment.


  • Company: Avra
  • Symbol: OTCBB:AVRN
  • 2015 Target: $1.50
  • Long-Term Potential: High
  • Buyout Potential: High
  • Strategy: Strong Buy and Hold

MarketWatch says it's "the hottest investing trend since the Internet."

MoneyMorning says it "is like the early Internet."

And The Wall Street Journal says it is "the future of money," and that it will "transform the way we pay for things."

"It is," they wrote, "quite simply, one of the most powerful innovations in finance in 500 years." And it could lead you to the biggest profits of your life.

They're all talking about Bitcoin, and they're not the only ones predicting that monumental change is now upon us. Even the Federal Reserve says that change is underway.

But most importantly, the world's most successful investors, the ones who make many millions of dollars by recognizing trends early, are taking huge positions in Bitcoin companies.

Unfortunately, private investors like you seldom if ever get to share in early profits. They're reserved for venture capitalists, hedge funds, and billionaire investors who get in pre-market and then take those companies public.

But there's a way that you can share those early riches. Because I'm going to share with you something that very few people know.

Bitcoin startup Avra (AVRN) just went public and as their first act they cut a distribution deal with one of the world's largest ATM operators to equip them for Bitcoin.

AVRN has not been discovered by retail investors...yet. But they won't stay under the radar for long with deals like that!

AVRN is trading for under $1.00, but it won't be that cheap for long. The company just signed an agreement with one of the world's largest ATM companies to integrate Bitcoin into that company's machines. They could become the world's biggest Bitcoin ATM provider practically overnight. And that's not all they're doing, as you'll see in this report.

AVRN gets you in on what the top venture capitalists in America are scrambling for: Potential riches in this new industry that's being compared to the early days of the Internet.

With AVRN you could be looking at the next or Apple. Early investors in Amazon made over 17,492% profits. And 24,765% in Apple! Those companies succeeded because they had the right idea at the right time – like Avra (AVRN) has today.

AVRN Signs a Homerun Deal?

AVRN just announced an agreement with one of the world's largest international payment solutions providers.

AVRN will develop software that will allow Bitcoin transactions on existing and new ATMs.

See the full details later in this report.

AVRN trades at under $1.00 now, but could shoot to $3.50 or more on this deal alone!

Don't miss your opportunity for early profits. Call your broker about AVRN today!

Take a look at what top venture capitalists have to say...

"One of the Most Significant Investment Opportunities of the Past 30 Years"

Pamir Gelenbe, partner at Hummingbird Ventures, says "We're still in the very early innings" of this new booming market. He says being in Bitcoin investments today is comparable to being "back in 1995 or 1996," a time when tiny Internet companies no one ever heard of were about to take off and make their early investors rich.

Jim Breyer of Accel Partners says this is "one of the most significant investment opportunities in the past 30 years."

And Marc Andreessen, Internet visionary and founder of Netscape, likens it to investing in the personal computer in 1975.

They're right. This isn't something you want to miss. At the time of this writing, AVRN is just $0.49 a share, and about to grab a multi-million dollar share of the most explosive market today, Bitcoin merchant payment systems and consumer ATMs. It's the right company, and the right time. Their new deal for equipping ATMs for Bitcoin makes them a must-have for investor portfolios!

The whole Bitcoin industry is on fire. In my 33 years as an investment analyst I have only seen excitement like this twice – once in the early days of the PC, and once in the early days of the Internet, when venture capitalists were financing what would become the most significant stock market boom of our lifetime.

Bitcoin "may reshape the mechanisms for making secure payments."
- Bank of England

It's early in the Bitcoin boom. But early is when you want to take a position. That's how the super-big profits are made. And the best way to profit from this boom is with AVRN!

If you don't know about Bitcoin or AVRN, this report will fill you in on what you need to know in order to profit big from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Don't wait until it's too late to pocket profits like the venture capitalists are looking at in Bitcoin. AVRN is my top recommendation for 2015, but only if you get in early! There's never more than a short window to get in on profits like I expect to see.

Bitcoin is Making Millionaires.
Will You be One?

Top venture capitalists have a sixth sense about finding "the next big thing." They are visionaries. Follow where they put their money and you could find the best investment of your life.

Right now venture capital is pouring into the bitcoin sector as fast as it did into the Internet sector in 1995. In fact, the same visionaries who invested early in the Internet are investing early in Bitcoin today.

Benchmark Capital, famous for funding startups that include Twitter and eBay, has joined with several other multi-billion dollar venture capital firms to start a Bitcoin VC firm.

Even the conservative New York Stock Exchange is adding their seal of approval to the young industry by investing in Bitcoin startups!

In 2014 alone a third of a billion dollars from investors like Jerry Yang of Yahoo!, Richard Branson of Virgin, and Marc Andreessen of Netscape fame funded nearly 100 bitcoin startups.

This year is shaping up to be even bigger than last year. In just the month of January there was already more than $75 million in deals.

The head of one hedge fund believes demand for bitcoin will increase by 3,000% over the next five years, and that approximately 1.5 billion people will be using Bitcoin by 2019. That's why savvy investors want in on the growth of Bitcoin.

That puts the 2014 total for early Bitcoin venture capital even higher than for early Internet investments in 1995. Money talks, and this money is saying that Bitcoin startups could be even more profitable for investors than Internet startups were. Those startups made history. And these will too.

Electronic money like Bitcoin could cause a tectonic shift in the payments industry...

-- The Telegraph --

AVRN: A Pure-Play Bitcoin Opportunity!

"One of the most significant investment opportunities in the past 30 years."
- Jim Bryer, Venture Capitalist

But unless you have a million dollars or more to invest, you can't get in on those deals. So how do you reap your share of the rich bitcoin rewards?

You could buy into Falcon Global Capital if you can afford to invest a minimum of $100,000.2 Or, for $25,000 you could join in the Bitcoin Investment Trust.

But what if you don't have that kind of money to invest?

Forbes tried to find Bitcoin investments for its readers, but writes, "There are no public bitcoin companies yet, so investing in individual companies is only available to venture capitalists."

Well, that's not true anymore, because Avra (AVRN) just went public. This is a pure-play Bitcoin investment opportunity, and the best way for you to get in on the spectacular growth in this sector.

While other companies are struggling to find their place in the Bitcoin universe, AVRN already has a deal with one of the largest ATM operators in the developing world with 3,700 ATMS, and plans to install Bitcoin capability in those machines and others worldwide. One of their current ventures, which you'll discover in a moment, will launch them right into the big league.3

That's just one reason for you to look at AVRN today. Let me give you all the reasons why AVRN is my #1 investment recommendation today...

(Note: Throughout this report I will refer to Avra Inc. by their stock symbol, AVRN.)

I'm recommending AVRN today to potentially double your money, and longer term, the chance for up to ten times your investment. I'll tell you why in a moment, but first, let me introduce myself.

Buy AVRN up to $1.75 per share...with a $3.50 price target


Find Huge Gains in Small Stocks like AVRN

"AVRN is my top recommendation for 2015. The time to invest is now."
- Jim Hyerczyk, Industry Growth Report

My name is Jim Hyerczyk, (pronounced hyer-check) and I am a Chicago-based investment analyst and editor of the Industry Growth Report and the Pattern, Price, & Time Report. I began my career at the Chicago Board of Trade, and have been in the business for 33 years as a broker, analyst, stock and commodity trader and trading advisor, through my company, JAH Trading.4

It is my job to know what the next investing trend is going to be, and to find the best stocks to profit big from these trends.

Readers of my newsletters count on me to tell them where the market is heading and which investments to get into next. They're looking for the best possibilities for big gains, which is why I specialize in small and even micro-cap stocks, where the rise of a few dollars or even a few cents can mean hundreds of times your money in gains.

By knowing global macroeconomics as well as technical analysis, I am able to find profits of 300-700% for my readers and private clients. Right now what I see is that Bitcoin is on its way to being "the next Internet" for investors, and AVRN could potentially be the next or eBay.

I'm sure you'll agree once I tell you all the reasons for my confidence. But first, let me give you a short introduction to Bitcoin. Because whether you know nothing about the currency, or you've heard about it in the media, there's a lot of misinformation out there, and it's time to clear it up.

Like Warren Buffett says, never invest in anything you don't understand. I agree, which is why I wrote this report on Bitcoin and AVRN for you. AVRN is my number one investment recommendation for 2015, so learn all about it here, then call your broker about investing in this potential ten-bagger.


Experts Call it "the End of Cash"

Bitcoin "could revolutionize global trade."
- Bloomberg

Duke University says that Bitcoin has "revolutionized the currency market," and that "Today, we are witnessing a new era of digital money."

Bitcoin is money, pure and simple. But like so much in the 21st Century, it is digital, not physical. It is called "cryptocurrency" because of its extremely secure encryption technology.


  • Company: Avra
  • Symbol: OTCBB:AVRN
  • 2015 Target: $1.50
  • Long-Term Potential: High
  • Buyout Potential: High
  • Strategy: Strong Buy and Hold

The same thing that is happening to money happened last decade to mail. Think of how messages are delivered to you today. People seldom write letters, put them in envelopes, stick on a stamp and wait three days for them to reach their destination anymore. Instead, we send email. It's delivered only an instant after we send it. And we can do it for free.

It's the same with Bitcoin. Instead of transferring money to another person physically, it's done electronically, in an instant. No waiting three days for checks to clear. No waiting till the next day for wire transfers to clear.

With the tap of your phone or computer the money goes from here to there, whether you're paying bills, buying merchandise, transferring to another account, or sending money to another country. It's that easy.

Like the change from physical letters to email, the change from physical money to Bitcoin is simply a natural evolution that takes advantage of modern technology. And plenty of smart people believe it is an evolution that can't be stopped.

David Woo, head of currencies for Bank of America and one of the most brilliant minds on Wall Street, says, "We believe Bitcoin can become a major means of payment for e-commerce and may emerge as a serious competitor to traditional money transfer providers."

What you're witnessing today with Bitcoin is only the beginning of what The Wall Street Journal calls "the future of money." AVRN is at the cusp of that future, and I'll tell you how you can ride that stock to riches in a moment. First, let me tell you just how important this Bitcoin revolution is...

Bitcoin could "Push Paper Currency to the Brink of Obsolescence"

Paper money is on the way out, say the experts. It's happening now.

The Harvard Political Journal says, "virtual payment services like PayPal and bitcoin will likely continue to grow, as the economy moves increasingly toward a nearly paperless world. They may even push paper currency to the brink of obsolescence."

Forbes says, "the financial industry is about to be remade once again, except this time, it is not obscure financial securities that are being transformed, but the very nature of money itself."

CNET says, "crypto-currency is here to stay – it's only a matter of time before a government replaces paper with more traceable, secure digital money."

And free market icon and libertarian Ron Paul says that "Bitcoin could go down in history as destroying the dollar."

He may be right.

"Like the dollar, Bitcoin is interchangeable, portable, durable, highly divisible, easily transactable, and scarce. But unlike the U.S. dollar, Bitcoin has no inflation, no exchange rates, no hefty fees for using it, and no ties to central banks."

AVRN is seeking to install their Bitcoin ATMs all over the world, and to install merchant Bitcoin processing systems worldwide, too. They know that money has always evolved, from the simple barter exchanges of centuries ago to the gold-back currencies that dominated world trade until 1971, to our current complex currency system that is governed by central banks, inflated by interest rates, and made less secure by speculators.

But there are a lot of things wrong with today's system, from the difficulties of cross-border transactions to the ability of governments to inflate your money away. Or to just outright take it, as citizens of Cyprus discovered in 2013.

It is time for money to evolve again.

Bitcoin – and AVRN's Bitcoin payment systems – solve a lot of those problems.

Those are just a few of the reasons some of the world's biggest companies are now accepting Bitcoin...

Top investors are racing into Bitcoin. At under $1.00 a share, AVRN is ready to explode with profits for its early investors!

Microsoft, Dell, Home Depot Lead the Way to Bitcoin

"The payment method of the future."
- The Wall Street Journal

Corporate giants normally don't change quickly or easily. They commission studies, form committees, calculate costs, design plans, and then and only then will they make a change.

So when companies like Amazon.com5, Target, CVS pharmacies, Sears, eBay, Kmart, Microsoft, Dell, Home Depot, and Subway decide to accept Bitcoin, you can be certain it's because they know their customers want the choice to pay in Bitcoin.

They're not the only ones, either. Expedia and CheapAir accept Bitcoin. So do Zappos and Whole Foods markets.

None of these companies want to be left behind in the Bitcoin revolution.

Forbes says, "Businesses which were slow to recognize the power of the Internet in the mid '90's were quickly left behind." No one wants to be the next Blockbuster, who failed to innovate with streaming technology and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2010.

Believe me, soon you'll even be seeing businesses both large and small accepting Bitcoin in your own neighborhood. I'm certain that options are on the table right now at companies like Walmart, Starbucks, Hilton, American Airlines, Harrah's, and more.

AVRN is right here on the cusp of change. Just as companies decide to make the transition, AVRN will be there with payment systems to fill their needs. Most other Bitcoin companies are involved with Bitcoin mining, storage, and trading. And no other Bitcoin processor is public yet!


Four Types of Bitcoin Businesses

There are four distinct types of companies in the Bitcoin universe. They are:

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining

Businesses that find and put new bitcoins into circulation, similar to gold miners that find and put gold into circulation. According to Bitcoin industry analyst David Smith, there are five of these companies. None are public yet.6

Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin wallets

Businesses that allow customers to store and spend bitcoins, similar to how banks store and distribute money. There are four companies offering wallet services as of November, 2014. None are public.

Bitcoin processors

Bitcoin processors

Businesses that facilitate merchant payment systems, consumer payments, and money transfer, like Visa, PayPal, or Western Union. AVRN is a Bitcoin payment processor, along with five other companies. No others are public, however.

Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges

Businesses that let customers speculate and trade bitcoin for government-issued currencies, like stock exchanges for Bitcoin. There are 14 exchanges, all of them private.

There are also about 50 other companies that are not "pure plays" as those above are. They either perform several of the functions in the above four categories, or they incorporate those functions into businesses operating in other industries.7 None of them, to my knowledge and as of this writing, are public, or close to going public.

AVRN is the only company you can buy stock in to reap those pure-play Bitcoin rewards like venture capitalists are doing. One day there will no doubt be hundreds of companies. But by that time, the early profits will be long gone!

Buy AVRN up to $1.75 per share...with a $3.50 price target



Companies need a Bitcoin strategy just as in the mid-1990s they needed an Internet strategy.

-- Forbes --

Small Businesses are Doubling their Profits with Bitcoin

The Washington Post says that Bitcoin could be "the payment method of the future."

They say, "Already, tens of thousands of businesses across the country have started to accept Bitcoin."8

More and more small companies every day are incorporating Bitcoin into their payment options. The lure is that Bitcoin is cheaper and faster for merchants than commercial payments solutions such as PayPal or Visa by a few percentage points. Those percentage points add up to a significant amount of money for small businesses.

"If you are a small-margin business, that difference could mean doubling your profits," said Jerry Brito, senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center of George Mason University, in testimony on the benefits of Bitcoin before the House Small Business Committee on Capitol Hill.

Bitcoin is especially advantageous for international businesses, since there is only one exchange rate worldwide. Unlike credit card companies and banks, Bitcoin does not charge a currency exchange fee.

The revolution is here. As economist Trace Mayer recently told Forbes, "Companies need a Bitcoin strategy just as in the mid-1990s they needed an Internet strategy."

And just as they need a Bitcoin merchant strategy, you need a Bitcoin investment strategy. Because Bitcoin is here to stay, and it's only going to get bigger. You don't want to miss out on those profits!

Especially when AVRN is attacking the Bitcoin market from two directions...

Demand for Bitcoin is soaring! This breakthrough company could be an overnight buyout opportunity. Don't miss your chance to profit!


AVRN's Lucrative Two-Front Business Model

AVRN is a Bitcoin processor, which means that much like Visa and MasterCard processes credit card payments, AVRN will process Bitcoin payments. The company develops and markets the software that ATM operators install in their machines and merchants install in their in-store equipment.

Those products are delivered as "software as a service," or SaaS, which is the hottest new offering in software, and the way of the future.

You may have noticed already that when you buy software such as Microsoft Office or TurboTax the companies encourage you to take delivery over the Internet, and to pay a subscription fee, rather than buying the software license outright. In fact, some, like Photoshop, no longer even offer software on disks!

The company is targeting two of the most lucrative types of Bitcoin businesses with their two divisions. There is AvraPay, a turnkey payment system for merchants; and AvraATM, a network of ATMs that dispense and exchange Bitcoin.

And both AvraPay and AvraATM could provide AVRN with lucrative ongoing streams of income that require no sales efforts once established, and bring the company steady, predictable, reliable cash flow. That's exactly what investors like to see – predictable cash flow!

Customers typically are locked into contracts of several years' duration, ensuring that steady cash flow.

AVRN Could be One of the Industry's Largest Players

AVRN just announced an agreement with one of the world's largest international payment solutions providers, Mango Pay, to develop a network of Bitcoin ATM kiosks in existing Mango ATM locations.

Mango Pay is a pioneer in the field of electronic payments via centrally managed kiosks in the developing world, which is underserved by banks and credit cards.

Hundreds of thousands of newly middle class consumers are clamoring for cashless payment solutions. ATM machines are their preferred solution for depositing or withdrawing money, paying bills, and transferring money. Experts believe that this will be the biggest growth market for Bitcoin, rivaling use in the developed world.

Mango Pay processes over $1.8 billion per year, and has over 3,700 ATM kiosks, 40 million customers and 90 million operations, making them one of the largest-bank-licensed networks of privately-owned kiosks in the world.9

AVRN and Mango Pay are co-developing the software that will integrate Bitcoin capabilities into Mango's ATM kiosks.

No other company I've seen has a deal like this.

In one well-placed deal, AVRN could potentially become among the industry's largest players. All these kiosks are scheduled to launch in 2015. When that happens you can expect to see AVRN's stock explode from 49 cents today to $3.50 – and maybe many times more than that.

Don't let this opportunity pass you buy. Call your broker about AVRN today. This is just one advantage that AVRN has over other Bitcoin companies. There are others...

This is a rare chance to invest in an exploding growth industry offering the potential for life-changing returns!


Some of the world's biggest companies accept Bitcoin, including Microsoft, Sears, American Airlines,, eBay, and Expedia.

AVRN Rapidly Integrates Bitcoin into Existing Businesses

"We're witnessing the Golden Age of Bitcoin today, just like the 1960s was the Golden Age for credit cards."

With giants like Microsoft and Amazon already accepting Bitcoin, and as more and more merchants decide to join the Bitcoin revolution, they need easy ways to integrate Bitcoin into their businesses. AVRN aims to dominate this business.

AVRN offers easy, turnkey solutions to merchants, taking all the hassle and work out of integrating a new type of currency into their businesses.

Much like MasterCard did when introducing the first widely used consumer credit card in 1966, AVRN takes care of the hardware, software, training, and maintenance of merchant systems. There are no set-up costs, and, according to the company, it takes only a few days from initial request to having an operational system!

These systems allow customers to pay from any point-of-sale terminal, computer, or cellphone – all with instant confirmation. They can pay in the merchant's establishment using existing terminals, or even from the comfort of their own home, over the Internet.

What's more, each system comes complete with accounting software, encryption for fraud protection, and ongoing support.

Bitcoin processors like AVRN present the most exciting opportunities in the industry today. Yet no company except AVRN has gone public, making AVRN your #1 pure play Bitcoin investing opportunity. Don't let AVRN pass you by!

Better than PayPal or Apple Pay

Mobile purchases in the U.S. are expected to reach $31 billion by 2016. Worldwide, nearly half of all smart phone owners have made mobile purchases."

Mobile payment systems are here to stay. More and more monetary transactions are being conducted by mobile technology, and with them there is a need for fast, secure, inexpensive payment solutions.

Traditionally, merchants and buyers have used credit cards for this purpose, but those have become increasingly more fraud-prone, with security breaches now costing billions of dollars a year.

Smartphones have already replaced alarm clocks, tape recorders, music players, and cameras. Now they're replacing cash and credit cards.

In Japan alone there are already nearly ten million smartphone users who make purchases via smartphone.

And In the U.S., mobile retail purchases are growing by 42% per year, and are expected to hit $31 billion by next year. Globally, nearly half of all smartphone owners have made a purchase via their mobile device.12

One solution is PayPal, which allows for online or mobile money transfers from bank or credit card. Another is Apple Pay, a technology that allows users to pay for transactions with nothing more than a phone tap.

But, as one analyst describes it, "Apple Pay amounts to a pretty train that looks fast, but is built on top of the old railroad tracks"13 It uses the same banks that charge the same high processing fees and chargeback costs as always. Plus Apple Pay does not support online shopping.

There are a number of other, less popular competitors as well, with names like Boku, Zong, Text2Pay, and ImpulsePay.14 But they're not going to last. Some are using old technology and others rely on outdated banking practices that will sink them.

The shakeout is coming, and all these companies will fall out in the era of Bitcoin. You'll see them replaced by Bitcoin companies, including AVRN.

The world's most successful investors are already pouring into Bitcoin. You can be an early investor right alongside them with AVRN!




Safer than Credit Cards or Cash

Everywhere currency is exchanged and everywhere purchases are made, there is demand for more convenience and security. More and more people feel that carrying cash is inconvenient, checks are too slow for the digital age, and credit cards are no longer safe, as hackers get more sophisticated.

Look at the trend.

First consumers moved to the greater convenience and security of checks.

Then they switched to credit cards.

And today more and more people are opting for newer, all-digital options, like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Bitcoin.

Banks are way behind the curve with payment innovations. They have not offered anything new since the introduction of credit and debit cards. And as nearly all of us have experienced, the fees to use those are exorbitant, and the security is so poor that breaches are an everyday occurrence.

Buy AVRN up to $1.75 per share...with a $3.50 price target

Now is the Best Time to Invest in Bitcoin

"We are in Phase Two, the investment phase for Bitcoin, and this is when early investors get in for the biggest gains."

If you're an investor, the number one thing you want to know about Bitcoin is when is the time right to invest. Here's how venture capitalists and top investors look at it.

There are three phases to Bitcoin's development into an industry to be reckoned with. This isn't unique to Bitcoin. It's how every technology develops.

Phase One was about building the infrastructure. That's when "techies" set up the means for Bitcoin to be created, distributed, held, and used. For the last five years they've worked on ironing out the kinks, and making sure holding and using Bitcoin is as secure as possible.

Now we are in Phase Two, the investment phase. This is when venture capitalists, hedge funds, and other early investors are starting to capitalize Bitcoin's many entrepreneurs, like those behind AVRN. The money is pouring in, and it's being used to develop proprietary systems, refine products, strategize marketing approaches, and get everything up and running and ready for the consumer phase. Once that happens it will be too late to be an early investor and take home those early riches.

Phase Three is consumer acceptance. This is when end users start to use Bitcoin by way of all the infrastructure that was developed in Phase One and Two. We've barely seen the dawn on this phase, but it is coming.

Consumers around the world will jump on board. Company valuations will soar. New industry giants will appear and take their place beside Microsoft and Apple as some of the world's biggest technology-based companies.

Could AVRN be one of those companies? I'm betting on it. Microsoft was tiny once. So were and eBay. There is no reason why AVRN cannot join them one day

"2015 Will Mark a Turning Point."

Private investors usually don't have the opportunity to invest in the current phase, Phase Two, of an industry. This phase is typically reserved for deep-pockets investors who get in before companies go public.

But you don't have to wait, because AVRN is one of the earliest companies to go public, and you can make your claim on their future success right now.

Plenty of companies will never make it this far. There will be a shakeout. Companies will fail to get backing, fail to develop a viable business plan or product.

But AVRN has received backing, and has made the strategic decision to seek further capitalization from the public markets. Which is why you can take an early position in this incredibly important new industry today!

In fact, analyst Michael Robinson says "I believe 2015 will mark a turning point in the brief history of this fast-growing virtual currency." This is your time to jump in.

The leaders will emerge from companies that are starting to shine today, like AVRN. The company is one of only a handful that appear to have solid business plans and growth potential. And it's the only one of those that you can buy stock in!

In that respect AVRN is way out ahead of the rest. If you want to get in on the early profits in this industry (and those are nearly always the biggest profits) then AVRN is by far your best choice.

Venture capitalists are snapping up Bitcoin companies left and right. A buyout for AVRN could hand early shareholders the profits of a lifetime!

High Buyout Potential

"In 2014, Google alone bought more than 30 companies."

Venture capital is pouring into the industry in record amounts. Buyouts are being talked about. There is a huge amount of precedent. eBay bought PayPal for $1.2 billion. Apple bought Beats Music for $3 billion. Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion, and WhatsApp for $19 billion.


  • Company: Avra
  • Symbol: OTCBB:AVRN
  • 2015 Target: $1.50
  • Long-Term Potential: High
  • Buyout Potential: High
  • Strategy: Strong Buy and Hold

And those are just a few of the big deals. EMC bought the startup Mozy for $76 million, and Yahoo! Bought calendar software company Zimbra for $350 million.

Before internet operating system Parakey even launched its first product, Facebook bought the company for $4 million. And EchoStar bought the startup Sling Media for $380 million.

In 2014, Google alone bought more than 30 companies. Disney, Microsoft, Facebook and IBM even bought companies whose offices were all in the same building!18

U.S. companies outside the finance industry are holding more cash than ever, more than $1.5 trillion. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google have money to burn. Apple alone has $159 billion in cash!

The Bitcoin industry is still in the startup and investment phase. But it won't be long before buyout frenzy hits the industry, and companies will be snatched up for millions, maybe billions, of dollars. Investors will be rewarded with payouts many times their initial investments.

Consider buying AVRN today to secure your position as an early investor so you can reap those potential mega-gains.


Get In Early and Make Up to 43,139%...Like These Investors...

Plenty of billionaires and millionaires are rich because they were in the right place at the right time.

They're not smarter than you. They don't know some secret to success that you don't. They simply knew enough to back a trend when they saw it coming. It's not rocket science. It's simply the ability to make a decision instead of freezing in place.

The difference between getting in at the very beginning and getting in "near" the beginning can be the difference between being rich beyond your dreams and doing just okay.

Say you bought in 1997, when they first went public, at $1.73 (in today's dollars). Congratulations. You would have made 4,849% in less than two years. That's a pretty darn good payday.

But say you weren't sure if was going to be a winner, so you waited a year just to make sure, buying AMZN late in 1998 instead of 1997. The stock was still rising when you bought, but instead of 4,849%, you would make only 307%. Still a nice payday, but nothing to retire on.

Even if you held on to the stock for the long run and still owned it today the difference between buying early and waiting a year would be significant. If you bought AMZN in 1997 and still held the stock today you would be high on the hog with 17,492% in profits. That's the kind of profit you can retire on.

But if you had waited that all-important first year before buying, your gain would only be 1,079% for those 17 years. Waiting that year would have cost you 94% of your potential profits.

That's the difference getting in at the beginning makes! is not the only one, either. It's the same across the tech world.

eBay went public in 1998 too. You could buy their stock then for $1.67 (in today's dollars). If you bought then you would have profits of around 2,780% today.

But if you had waited just one year to buy your stock, your profits today would be only about 115%.

Buying at the earliest stages of a trend is your way to riches. Like if you bought Apple when they went public. You would be sitting on 24,765% today. Or if you bought Microsoft when they went public. You would be rich with gains of 43,139%.

Savvy early investors usually don't bet on just one young company in fast-growing sectors. They increase their odds by backing a handful of companies. But in the case of today's hot sector, Bitcoin, AVRN is one of the only – if not the only – pure play that has gone public so far. I recommend looking at others too when they go public, but don't let this chance with AVRN get away from you!

That's why you don't want to wait another minute before looking seriously at AVRN as an investment.

AVRN is one of your best opportunities today to catch early riches, and the time to jump in is now, before the stock takes off. All signs point to big profits for early investors.

Consider buying AVRN today. The stock trades for under $1.00, and my near-term forecast is for it to hit $3.50. Longer term you could be looking at making ten times your money!

The booming Bitcoin industry could produce millionaires the way that, Apple, eBay and PayPal did for early investors!

It's Not Too Late to be an Early Investor!

Fate can put you in the right place at the right time. But it's up to you to recognize opportunity when you see it. Take the case of Jeff Bezos and David Cowan.


  • Company: Avra
  • Symbol: OTCBB:AVRN
  • 2015 Target: $1.50
  • Long-Term Potential: High
  • Buyout Potential: High
  • Strategy: Strong Buy and Hold

In the summer of 1998, Jeff Bezos went on a camping trip with his friend, Ram Shriram. Shriram told Bezos about a young company he had heard of, called Google. Bezos liked the sound of the company, and decided to invest $250,000 of his own money. Today his investment is worth over $1 billion.

About the same time, David Cowan was visiting a college friend in Menlo Park, California. Cowan's friend told him about the two college kids who were using her garage as a workspace to develop a new search engine they were calling – you guessed it – Google. Cowan said, "How can I get out of this house without going anywhere near your garage?" Today his investment is worth nothing.

Investing early, before hardly anyone had ever heard of Google, made all the difference for Bezos – a difference worth about $1 billion.

Investing in the right startup early in a trend is the venture capitalist's way to riches. But even venture capitalists know that to better their odds they need to invest in several startups. They seldom if ever limit it to one.

I'm giving you the heads-up on the biggest new trend since the Internet, Bitcoin. I'm also giving you my number one startup for early investment, AVRN. The rest is up to you. Consider investing in AVRN today, while it's still early. Then keep your eye out for other Bitcoin companies going public. If you want, invest in a few to increase your odds.

You don't find new industries being born very often. Don't let this one pass you buy. It's happened for investors only a few times in our lifetime. I predict this one will be every bit as significant as the introduction of the personal computer and the Internet. Maybe more.

You could be in for quick profits as other traders read this report and jump on AVRN. But if you hold AVRN for longer and watch as the company builds its sales and revenues, you could be in for real riches as Bitcoin grows into an important global industry, like the PC and Internet.

Call your broker now about AVRN. And remember, always do your own due diligence.

Buy AVRN up to $1.75 per share...with a $3.50 price target

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